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Jean Gabriel Domergue : Press

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE : Professional and society life – a review of the press


Christmas 1913 : The Cover of ‟La Vie Heureuse” magazine.

Le tableau de la ‘Princesse Murat’
            Painting of ‘Princess Murat’             


1920 : A poster for the Galeries Lafayette, in Paris and Nice

October 9th, 1922 : An article from ‟Renaissance” magazine

‘Les paysages de Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE’
October 9th, 1922 : An article from ‟Renaissance” magazine

17 février 1923 : « THE NEW YORK HERALD »
The Dolly sisters à Cannes                     

The Dolly sisters à Cannes

1923 : « LA GAZETTE MUSICALE »                   

‘ La mode et le théâtre’

‘ La mode et le théâtre’

June 1st, 1923 : ‟Femina”

An example of a costume published by Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE, shortly before the Grand Prix Ball.

In his efforts to stimulate others’ imaginations, he contributes with his own vision.           


October 21st, 1923 : ‟LIBERTE” newspaper    

The article is illustrated with a painting by Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE

‘The Venice Carnival, around 1920’

1925 : Galeries Lafayettes pub                
‘Causerie féminine’


Dans la rubrique « Le Somptueux Domaine de la Mode »       


October 15th, 1924 : from ‟Le Charivari”

Caricatures of the compères in Cannes and Deauville.

March 18th, 1925 : from ‟Musique et Théâtre” magazine

For the glory of Bordeaux, by Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE

One of the four ceiling fragments.                

1926 : 21 mars « LES ANNALES »                
En couverture : Portrait de Melle ph...

June 22nd, 1928 : ‟l’Illustration”

On the cover : The Countess du Bourg de Bozas


1929 : Poster for the Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Nice

1929 : Poster by Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE for the Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Nice.

1931,  22 février : « l’Atlantique »
En couverture                                   

May 3rd, 1933 : ‟l’Intransigeant”

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE makes the hats himself.              

November, 1933 : ‟Le Figaro Illustré”  

‟The Crystal Lantern” which used indirect lighting, was designed by Domergue for the Master glass worker, ‘Veronese’.

Inspired by Venetian lanterns, enriched by the crystal’s pure beauty and composed of the most delicate lines, a sculpture in itself, the lantern suits all styles.         

June 23rd, 1934 : from ‟l’Illustration”

Costumed parties in Cannes. The decorative fantasy of a modern artist.

- Sketches by Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE for the costumed parties in Cannes.     

1934 : The Argentine press gala for the ambassadors.

Mrs Argentina would be awarded the ‘Laurier d’or’ (The golden laurel).

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE, who first painted this wonderful dancer in 1922, in Spain, would contribute towards revealing this artist to the French public.

1934 : ‟Miroir du Monde” magazine

A photograph of the mask of Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE by Mrs O. Domergue.

1934 « Journal des étrangers »
Dans son d’ensemble                        

1935  15 avril : « LES BEAUX ARTS » société  des amis de Chéret         

1934 : ‟Miroir du Monde” magazine

A photograph of the mask of Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE by Mrs O. Domergue.

1935 : ‟La Saison de Cannes” (The Season in Cannes)                    

1936 : il ouvre sa galerie des « CHAMPS ELYSEES »

1939 : He designs the poster for the First Cannes Festival in 1939.

This 1st Cannes Festival, in 1939, would not take place.




1946 : 1st Cannes festival from 20th September to 5th October.

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE was part of the Honorary Welcome committee for this Festival which was so longed for by the film world, the government and by the town of Cannes.

April 20th, 1946

A caricature of the artist by himself.

September 4th, 1946 : ‟Paris Matin”

The magical evening inaugurating the Cannes Festival as Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE imagined it.

For the duration of the International Film Festival, Cannes would be transformed, renovated and decorated by Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE. The Mayor entrusted him with his plans. Closing his eyes, he imagines what the Festival’s inaugural evening in Cannes, on the 19th September, would resemble.


Michèle MORGAN visits Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE.                

1950 : Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE is nominated for the title of ‘Académicien Titulaire’ at the Académie Française.

On 12th July, 1950, he is elected with 18 votes out of 31.

1952 : Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE is a member of the Institute at l’Académie des Beaux Arts (the Academy of Fine Arts).

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE presiding over the students’ prize-giving ceremony at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, in Bordeaux.

1954 : an advertising poster                

1955 : Wednesday, 19th October

‟La Parisienne” : A precious jewel becomes…a luxury magazine.              


May 1955 : He is appointed curator of the JACQUEMART-ANDRE Museum.

In 1956, the ‘Institut’ entrusts him to run its museum in Chaalis.

1956 : He designs the poster for the Tour de France bicycle race.

Poster for the Tour de France bicycle race, 13th stage :

Toulouse,  18th July

1959 : The artist attending the “TOULOUSE LAUTREC” exhibition at the Museum of Albi.  In the company of Mr J.Eouard, the curator.

1960 : Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE, curator of the JACQUEMART-ANDRE Museum.                           

He dies in 1962.

1962, November 15th to 21st : ‘ARTS’ Newspaper.

‘Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE le Parisien’.

1962 : ‘LE FIGARO’ Newspaper

Death of Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE – the painter was 73.

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE died suddenly last night, in                              

1966,  November 9th to 15th : ‘ARTS’ Newspaper

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE private view                    

1966 : Retrospective exhibition at the Galerie des Champs-Elysées

From 9th November to 9th December, 1966 :

Retrospective exhibition at the Galerie des Champs-Elysées.          

1983, Monday 4th July : ‘FIGARO – VIE’

A donation of Domergue’s paintings to BORDEAUX.

René DOMERGUE, the art critic, has just handed over the best pieces from his brother’s collection to Gilbert Martin-Méry : twenty seven paintings and watercolours by BONNARD, RENOIR, Berthe MORIZOT, Mary CASSATT, VLAMINCK, VALTAT and five canvases by Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE.

An avenue in Bordeaux will be named after the painter.            

1984, 27th July : ‘MAGAZINE HEBDO’

The DOMERGUE Collection

Jean-Gabriel (1889-1962) was a painter and…from Bordeaux. His brother, René DOMERGUE, has just bequeathed his collection to the Musée des Beaux Arts (Fine Arts Museum) of his hometown. Jean-Gabriel would spend the final part of his life at the Jacquemart-André Museum where he was the curator. His collection mainly consists of works from the turning point between the 19th and 20th Centuries. Valtat, Friesz, Vlaminck, Marquet, Bonnard, Mary Cassatt, Berthe Morizot, and  Renoir (with two landscapes) are in their rightful place.